Three white does bred to the buck in these  pics.  All  should kid around the first of March 2018.  Outstanding bloodlines and exceptionally nice does as  can be seen in these pics.  Does are priced at $650 each and  the buck is  priced at  $1000.  All are reg. with the IKGA as 100% New Zealand Kikos.

We are also offering a heard of six silver/gray producing does and a silver buck.  Also influenced with Goatex Goliath bloodlines.  All are 100% New Zealand Goats and will be reg. to new buyer as such with the IKGA.  Priced at $1000 each for a total of $7000. Call for more information

Jack Fork Valley Ranch kiko goats

We are offering a heard of seven all black 100% New Zealand producing does.  Ranging in age from one to six. With a 100% New Zealand Buck.  They are heavily influenced with Goatex Goliath bloodlines. Other outstanding pedigrees appear in their heritage. Priced at $1000 each making a total of $8000.  Call for more information.